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comes from Unreal Tournament, stands for "Fast Weapon Switch" it is where you throw the weapon you are using and switch to another weapon making it faster than just switching weapons.
he just used fws. hax0r! oh wait i use fws too. n00bs.
by d0a May 20, 2004
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Fail with Style
From the Team Fortress 2 Demoman Movie played backwards. Youtube it.
You are running the intel back on 2fort and you have 1hp. You are being chased by half the enemy team and you are going to die any second, but manage to get a backstap on a scoped in sniper to ease the pain of your imminent demise. A FTW example of FWS.
by innominata October 07, 2008
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Fws can mean lost of things. Its commonly used as Fish Wild Service and Federal Work Study. Social media has taken over slang use and def. Used in slang (and or) media, Fws means Fuck Wit Shawty. Originated by an Instagram user who goes by the nickname Mimi.
hey, have you seen that new viral video on fws.mimi Instagram page?
by Shitanious January 29, 2018
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