A place or object which is very important and makes you use methods to protect it.
Yo mans, get away from my car man, it's my new fortress.

Hey don't u be coming up in my fortress eating chips while my baby's mama there!
by Scotty Scott June 15, 2010
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The second album released by Canadian band Protest the Hero. This album is the epitome of musical genius. In contrast to early works, Fortress is a political album that's not about politics. Literally, the lyrics are about goddes worship while each song is a metaphor for a concept that the band is trying to convey. The band has improved greatly in terms of the instrumentals, while the lyrics are great as always, written by bassis Arif. Rody's vocal range has extended to singing, screaming, growling and everything in between. Both Tim and Luke on guitars are nothing short of gods. And the drums are kickass too. Overall, an absolutely amazing album.
John: Have you heard Fortress?
Jim: Yes! It's a f***** aural orgasm!
by Bloodmeat7 October 13, 2008
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To shave ones pubic hair only on the outer edges so that your pubes grow back thicker and taller around the edges, making a fortress for the inner pube sanctum.
I gave myself a fortress so that my pubes would be safe.
by Team11 February 28, 2005
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When there is a huge group of guys (has to be a minimum of 2 men) around a single girl all openly or secretly pursing her. It is like an extremely long queue to get in the girl's panties. Usually, at least one of the guys is having sexual relations/in a relationship with her but right when that ends, there is a man to comfort and sex her.
"Maria will never be single because she has a massive dick fortress."

- "Hey go talk to her!"
- "I can't! See all those guys?! Her dick fortress is impenetrable!"
by badtree132 March 17, 2015
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A game that used to be called Team Fortress 2 but has changed due to player's addictions to equitable hats and other cosmetic items for their character. Hat Fortress is centered around trading and wearing hats and misc items. Players buy hats from other players with other hats or "metal" which is the universal currency of Hat Fortress. Actual game play is based on showing off your style of hats and items rather then capturing a control point,or pushing a cart, or stealing a briefcase.
TF2 turned into Hat Fortress, I mean really, its all about fucking hats now.
by IDTia January 14, 2012
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The place that serves as a base for superman. It was first seen in superman #17 on the borders of metropolis, however it is now usually thought to be located in antartica.
Superman keeps all his discoveries, artifacts, and inventions in his fortress of solitude.
by Abdallah February 3, 2006
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