Fuck with, meaning associate with or take part in.
I don't fw him anymore
Nah, I don't fw her music, it's just not what I'm into.
by dontask-idontknow June 19, 2018
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Short for forward. Usually seen to indicate that a message has been forwarded.
by TentativeChaos April 5, 2010
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When at a pre-lash and one member becomes too intoxicated to actually go out and decides to pull an early night.
he didnt even make it to the praca.... what an FW
by truelad May 27, 2010
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"She likes swedish berries? I think we found your FW."
by D-Rae October 15, 2008
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Emails that fill up your inbox; emails that tell fabricated stories and then say "FW this 2 20+ peeps & your wish wil cum true!"; The most annoying things in the world, if you get them delete them without even opening them
FW this 2 25+ ppl in the next 15 mins or you'll DIE!!! A HORRIBLE, HORRIFIC AND PAINFULL DEATH!!!
by Glock21 October 6, 2005
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Short for Flirt Whore. The girls you'd think were the sweet innocent type but totally mislead you. They flirt for fun and they're good at tricking the guys into liking them.
"OMG! Stop being such an FW!"

"I got played by an FW again...damn"
by GottaHaveIt March 15, 2009
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Fucking Whore who tries to act like a slut; Ugly
There were many FW's on the way to school.
by Eric (Immortal Tech) November 16, 2011
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