a very confusing name but very cool at the same time
hey Yu, i mean yu, not you john.
by ted August 14, 2004
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Its is the cutest person in the world who lived. Someone who never gave the greatest feelings on someone he loved.
M:Hey YU.

Y: Yes?

M:No You?

Y: Yes im yu?

M: No not me, You..

by Lovely3 September 30, 2019
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person : who are you?
yu : im yu
person : you cant be me im me
yu : no my name is yu
person : thats really confusing why are you in my room yu
yu : i come from the future
person : the future?
yu : yes the future
by SumRandumNibba June 7, 2019
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Yu is a acronym for you, people who spell it like this are I think personally are dumb and lazy to put the “O” in you
Why yu in my face, i dont like yu
by charthestar April 14, 2020
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This word relates the the socioeconomic state of Cuba in the year 1985, 20 years after the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba) was established as the ruling party after the Proletariat revolution staged by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara despite opposition from Fascist and US backed militant groups. By 1985 the Communist government was firmly in place and had established a Marxist-Leninist regime, this included free education, taking steps to move towards zero carbon emissions, record breakingly low hunger levels, record breakingly high happiness levels and an end goal of Communism. In total the socioeconomic state of Cuba in 1985 was at an all time high, especially compared to the right wing dictatorship of President Batista previously in place. The word is versatile and can be used for anything relating to the socioeconomic state of Cuba in 1985.
'Yu was a good time, but its only getting better in Cuba' 'Oh how I wish we were back in Yu'
by February 23, 2021
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how wiggers spell you
yu r mah dewd-wigger kid
****slap slap****-black kid shows white kid whats good
by philISgay November 17, 2009
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A big hunk of ginger love who just loves to cuddle
The Yu bounced over to the group of people and hugged them all
by Jommo July 12, 2004
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