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FTT is the abbreviation to the increasingly popular axiom "Fuck the tards", tards being Melbourne Victory supporters, coaches, players and generally anyone from Victoria who displays stupidity within the context of football.
We are playing the tards in 4 days, fire up!
by Coach_Larry August 03, 2010
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For The Taste.

"For The Taste" can be used when you have slim intentions of finishing the entirety of any meal or food item that was ordered. Your intention is to purchase the item simply FOR THE TASTE.

Example A: You're visiting New York for the first time, which is known for amazing food spots. You'll likely never to come back to these places for a while. So, you order anything that appeals to you knowing very well that it's too much damn food, or despite the fact that you just inhaled a lobster roll and a bowl of ramen 1 block ago. FTT!

Example B: You're at a local restaurant that's really tough to get a reservation at, or just somewhere you normally wouldn't go to often. So? You order food FTT knowing very well that you ordered too much damn food because of the mere fact you won't be back here anytime soon. FTT!

FTT can be used for any food item whether snacks, appetizer, entree, or even desserts. Bottom line is you can't pass up the opportunity to taste life-changing food.

(meant for all you foodies out there)
Just order the Deep-Fried Wagyu Slider with Truffle cheese, FTT!
by DJRexJ July 04, 2016
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Abbreviation of 'Fucking TalkTalk'.
Said so because TalkTalk is world renowned for being the shittest ISP in the world, often said when their connection disconnects (as per usual) every other minute.
<Fouldini> Hey man hows you?
<Daryl> Im good, you?
**Fouldini has disconnected**
<Daryl> Lol.
**Fouldini has connected**
<Fouldini> FTT.
<Daryl> xD
by MattDutton July 09, 2009
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