The act of letting all the zombies spawn in a Call of Duty zombies match and running laps around the map. Once all the zombies spawn you kill them and start the cycle over.
Person 1- How did you get to round 33 on zombies last night?
Person 2- I was just Training the entire time.
by Duce Good For You May 2, 2011
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doctor: try training more often
father: you should start training
by imafrickintree March 24, 2020
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1. The act of performing a non-routine sex act on a partner to demonstrate that it will be expected or required later in the relationship. This term is frequently used in conjunction with specific societal roles or fetishistic kinks.

2. Gradually introducing a sexual act or sexual object to prepare the recipient for a new routine.
1. My wife failed her slut-training when she wouldn't let me cum in her face, so I'm wife-training this new slut by cumming in her pussy.

2. Start with a gag when you're slave-training her so she learns to keep quiet as you insert this anal-training toy.
by EarlyEarmy October 23, 2020
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The vehicle that moves fast and choo choos.
by Set Blue 23 October 3, 2017
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An activity usually involving multiple males and one female. The males usually take turns fucking the female and just then switch off after they get their nut in. An avetard gets extremely horny all the time and always thinking of this activity with any female he sees.
by TurnM3Up November 12, 2019
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A group of guys stand in a line outside a room. One by one, they enter the room to have sex with one girl inside. The line must have at least 7 guys to be qualified as a train.
"What's this line for?"
"We're running a train! Go to the back of the line."
by bigbadbob February 25, 2003
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