Something that is the best. It is a word play on the shittiest. It is usually better than something that is the shit, but may be refered to as such.
This poster is the shittest gift I've ever gotten!
by Taylor's Bitch December 27, 2009
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When a bitch tries to act like a man and tries to see if he'll do ridiculous things for her or what his boundries are.
Bitch1)Baby will you hold my purse while I go flirt with another man?

Bitch2)Wow, I can't believe that so called man failed your shittest.
by innergameP April 23, 2008
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The very pinnacle of being shitty, and when nothing can be any more shitty than what that person or thing is seen to be at that very moment.
Example in conversation:

Guy 1) "Did you hear Mike dumped Claire?"
Guy 2) "No way, when?"
Guy 1) "On the same day her dad died"
Guy 2) "Christ...that's the shittest thing ever"
by bumcheeks May 18, 2007
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A process that's the exact opposite of natural selection, in which the worst individuals seem to become successful and actually good individuals don't.
The music industry completely relies on survival of the shittest and actual good artists don't make it anymore.
by Zipdox June 20, 2018
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