Sometimes could mean "yes" or "hey"
"Ayeeeee! I passed my exam"
"Ayee Justine what's up?"
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Its used to express happiness, usually to hype up something.
person1:look at what i have got for you!
person2:ayee! i like that.. thanks mate!
by whoo iss thiss December 20, 2022
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It’s a word constantly used by caleel Harris. Everytime someone acknowledges he’s presence he say “AYE “ alongside with “YERR “but y’all not ready for that story yet..
Asante : where is caleel at ?

by Annnyyymousperson August 26, 2019
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It’s a common word that’s used by caleel Harris , he says it a lot alongside with “yurrr
Ethan-*puts caleel in the camera*
by Annnyyymousperson September 11, 2019
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is another word for yeaaa.but in a happyer cooler way...mostly used when something sexuall was said
tim: omg i went to the club and i got me 2 sexys
mike: ayeee
by rubencito March 9, 2008
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When someone who is very popular walks into a room at school or at a party ayee means Heyyy look justins here.
*Walks in the room*
<bunch of people> Ayeeeee Ayeeeeeee *claps*
by Xtharr December 12, 2006
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Another word meaning just joking, or jokes.

Usuaully indiands use this word.
Hey cuz, your momma's so ugly, she doesnt go to a pow wow, she says bow wow.... ayees
by Jeremiah January 23, 2005
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