"Till what am i going to wait for, town." - Jamali Maddix
by SexyGayUnicorn April 1, 2021
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"Just what am I going to wait for, town?”
by Soldier7sixx March 25, 2021
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Used to end an argument when you can't think of an appropriate way to end it
by Bobs Hope March 26, 2021
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How people from Manchester (Mancunians) refer to going to the city centre.
"I'm going into town, do you want owt?"
by Frankie Buttons October 6, 2022
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Dublin City. Often referred to as such by anyone living in the suburbs or outside of County Dublin, as it's the largest urban centre in Ireland
''I'm goin' into Town on Friday to do the Christmas shopping with my Mam''

''Are ye goin' into Town with the lads?''
by StoryHörse September 5, 2021
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When somebody lives in a small village, or small town and wants to describe where they live. A town-town is a major town, that most people would know, like Hastings instead or Battle or Crowhurst, which most people would have no idea where they were.
Harry: Hannah, whereabouts do you live?

Hannah: Well, my nearest town-town is Hastings, but I live in Crowhurst, near Catsfield and Battle.

Harry: Oh right, I know Hastings.
by Jessica Winkworth September 25, 2007
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