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(n.): principle, postulate. A recognized law. Some car brand; looks nice.
Axiom of Extensionality
by choey January 19, 2004
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Dude, did you see Axiom pub stomp those noobs?
by NCR-Anubis- July 29, 2020
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The exact center of ones anus
my size 11 shoe is about to kiss your axiom
by Saucorama April 8, 2017
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Is a theory of online trolling mentioned in South Park in which an initial troll (Person A) makes offensive or controversial remarks to another individual (Person B) with the intention of provoking a reaction from a third party (Person C). The intention is that person C's gross overreaction and self righteousness to the trolling of person B will elicit further reactions from persons D through F who are not trolls but cannot help themselves from ripping on person B. Thus causing a fission like chain reaction leading to an explosion that brings out the worst in humanity. Initially used by desperate celebrities to further careers. Trevor's Axiom can also be used by politicians and media spokes persons as an alternative for skill, aptitude or talent in generating public support.
"I cant believe that piece of shit would say that about minorities/the troops/gays/disabled people I am gonna give them a piece of my mind"

"Dude chill they are totally trying to use Trevors Axiom to get a reaction from you"
by wibble20 December 20, 2016
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The bad guys are always winning but the good guys always win.
American politics slowly become more progressive despite all the partisan hate mongering. This is a great example of Arendsee's axiom--also, Star Wars.
by MrRNC May 20, 2011
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The Ditt Axiom states that if you have ANY suspicion that a guy is gay, he is in fact gay.
"Hey, Johnny over there is always wearing skinny jeans and is really organized. I wonder if he is gay." According to the Ditt Axiom, he is.
by The Tree October 17, 2012
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