Located in Fullerton, CA
Sid: Oh hey where's Fullerton?
Dillon: Oh it's in Fullerton.
by ExquisiteMouse April 27, 2021
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A city in Orange County California that houses a variety of social classes, but mostly middle class, mexicans, and asians in the Troy and Sunny Hills areas. It also holds more schools and parks than necessary per capita. It's home to a lively downtown with some pretty good bars and strange, yet awesome shops. Also, it borders Anacrime, which may be the reason why the random shootings/stabbings/babyrape occurs in the city, or maybe that's because people have such a hard time finding someone's house in all those freaking hills. Also, the electric guitar was made there, but nobody cares.
Example 1: Guy 1:"Hey I go to school in Fullerton"

Guy 2:"So does everybody"

Example 2: "I can't find Tim's fuckin' house in these hills! It makes me want to do some babyrape!"

Example 3: Person 1: "Hey, want to go to downtown Fullerton?"
Person 2: "I don't see the need to go to a shark themed restaurant and them shop in a Hello Kitty S&M store in the same night."
by ByTeds December 13, 2010
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A wonderful city located in California in Orange County. The people in Fullerton are all very nice, and have diverse ethnic groups in the city. I enjoy the downtown area and seeing the historic Fox Theater and passing by the luxurious Plummer Auditorium! I also love driving by the big houses in the hills by Skype line. The city also has many beautiful parks, these parks have trails, rivers and æsthetic picture taking moments! Without a doubt I’m sure you will love Fullerton!
Have you heard of Fullerton it’s the best place to be!
by Paul✨ February 27, 2018
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A city in the more low class area of Orange County, much like its bordering city Placentia. The largest ethnic group is hispanic, and at sunny hills, it is all korean. Home of California State University of Fullerton and multiple high schools. Has a variety of attractions, most notably in Downtown Fullerton, where all of the richer outsiders go to meet and socialize.

Neighbors cities of Brea, Anaheim, Placentia, and Buena Park.
person 1: "hey check out that mexican dude!"
person 2: "he must be from fullerton"
by cityman894 May 18, 2010
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Completly uncordinated act of falling on one's face
I was coming out of the bar when I pulled a Fullerton

Man are you alright

Yeah, but I woke up the next morning and my face looked like hamburger
by crashnburnin July 22, 2011
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Conner Fullerton, you know what I mean?
Like it is his last name...
Not his first name, no, never that!
by Halley Tinka June 26, 2008
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A town in Orange Country, overrun by koreans especially at the 99% Asian Sunny Hills High School. Also known as Fuckerton, its home to a lot of: see definition of Korean.
Me: Hey where you headed?
My Friend: Fullerton
Me: Have fun getting mobbed by Koreans.
by ezmode2 December 15, 2008
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