Fangirl soul mate. Someone you've met (most of the time online) who seems to fangirl over the EXACT same things you do, almost like you're the same person!
I was talking about Fringe last night with a girl who had the exact same opinions on the show as me - we're fangirl soul mates!

My FSM and I spend all last night freaking out over the Rizzoli & Isles season finale
by RedVines41319 January 13, 2012
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FSM (Forgetting Sarah Marshall): either the best or the worst movie you will ever watch.
Dude, FSM totally spoke to me, it was a great movie!!!
by wowowowcaliente December 17, 2009
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FSM stands for Finger Slippery Moment. When your phone slips in the middle of something and you randomly dial/call/send an audio message to someone by mistake. It's a finger slippery moment.
Guy: Hey, saw a missed call.. you tryna call call or it's one of those finger slippery moments? lol
Girl: 🙈 fsm sorry
by TPats September 11, 2019
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Full Sesh Max. Used to express imence joy and satisfaction.
PT: we don't have class!
Rahul: FSM!
by Seshboy69 September 25, 2018
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Finite State Machine - Acronym for a logic circuit which has only a specific number of outputs depending on the input.
Our computer is an example of a finite state machine (FSM)
by Paul Hamilton November 13, 2005
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noun;acronym for being in "FUCKING SCIENTIST MODE"; often induced by alcohol or by intellectual beat downs bestowed upon a grad student by their adviser.
Sorry bro, no time to talk, I'm in FSM after I drank a pitcher of margaritas at La Fiesta tonight. I might actually have a shot at getting out of this hell hole if I can get some of these protocols approved.
by SASbandit January 23, 2012
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When your boss have stupid and redundant requests for a project that basically makes your life hell and have you cussing all day...but you have to censor yourself because you are at the workplace so you have to settle for acronyms.
That request is not even necessary, it just means more work for me, that stupid POS FSM!!!
by RCkiller October 15, 2011
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