Opposite of "infinite". Means something that is limited, and is not "in-finite"
"Our lifetime is finite, we will not live forever."
by Arcanebus III October 3, 2008
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The unwanted lovechild of Statistics and Linear Algebra that almost every student at Indiana University is required to endure before graduation. This class seperates the boys from the men and the girls from the women.

You will, like most people, probably go into this class as a stupid first semester freshman (even though your advisor told you to take M-018 or "pre-finite") and immediately find yourself immensed in tears, suicidal thoughts, stress, and mass amounts of online homework.

The tests are made impossible on purpose, aiming to get as many people to drop the class as possible. Every day, the 400-person lectures get smaller because more innocent souls are banished and more helpless individuals are inspired to drop out of IU and live on the streets because they know they have no chance at a successful life without passing Finite.
Shane: Hey Alec, wanna go pregame for Little 500 at Smallwood?

Alec: I would man, but I have 4 Finite WebWork assignments, 20 Finite pages to read, 150 practice Finite problems to do, a practice Finite exam, 2 Finite...

Shane: (walks away)
by Hoosierlady November 24, 2010
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When something is really cool like extremely nice it’s finite pronounced fin-nite
That’s finite!
by Love2lead June 22, 2019
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Seemingly limitless and endless space, extent or size that in reality is very specifically limited even if it is impossible to measure exactly using current human methods.
Not to be confused with the definition finite where the extent is measurable and known exactly.
Mary: The amount of atoms in the universe must be infinite.
John: Well, actually there would be a finite amount of atoms in the universe.
Mary: But we wouldn't be able to measure them so I guess they are in-finite.
by Zacci August 30, 2017
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I love finite so much he is my favourite minecraft player of all time. He is such a good flipper and lowballer who is addicted to small white dogs known as samoyeds. White dogs ikr what a racist man #cancelled.
MT0426: Finite is my favourite moderator of all time

Snake: Isn't he overly racist to small white dogs?
by Dwift October 28, 2021
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fin'-it (verb)

Definition: Going to (fixin' to).

Origin: Southern African-Americans

Alternate spelling: finet
"We finit go to da club"
"I'm finit get dat fo sho"
"He's finit be a trap star one day"
by AAAYY April 8, 2008
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A limited amount of postulatism mixed with core relativism.
MuckatheVucka : "Hey I am better than you for sure at the game League of Legends."

Yolo Swag McJag: "Not for certain. Finite deiyghtue."
by Person Human Guy April 9, 2013
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