When individuals or groups of individuals grew up in or were aligned to separate institutions or cultural settings, but which share the same common beliefs or way of life, they are the "same things"
George: "Hey, this is a brilliant night, 2 Rostrevor College lads and 2 St Ignatious lads, getting involved."
Joel: "St Ignatius/ Rostrevor, its basically the same thing!"
All: "same things!"
by S Chaddy May 2, 2008
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A sarcastic response replied when one item is so completely different from another item.
1. "Hey, I just saw Fluffy in the pantry getting some Hot Chocolate instead of tea. Hot Chocolate....Tea...Same Thing."

2. "Where are you going on vacation?"


"Alaska....Florida.....same thing."
by J-Wick September 17, 2009
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