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n. One who needs constant close contact (i.e. snuggling, cuddling, spooning) with his/her partner/friend/significant other. Without this contact, whining or other forms of verbal protest may be issued accompanied by pouting.
name is such a snugglebitch, I can't keep him/her off of me!
by vaeren December 08, 2006

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A collective term for technical (and often confusing) oilfield shop talk.
Oilfield Engineer A: "Hey, we need to do an RST and a PLT in this well. Somebody call Schlumberger."

Oilfield Engineer B: "Shouldn't we run an SCMT and a CHFR in addition to the RST?"

Oilfield Engineer A: "Nah, on second thought, we'll just P&A."

Normal Person: "Hey guys, shut up with all the Schlumberjargon and let's just do the job!"
by vaeren July 31, 2008

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The delay experienced after incorrectly typing your Windows login password, before you are allowed another chance to enter it.
I mashed the keys too much typing my password, so now I'm stuck in password purgatory
by vaeren July 25, 2008

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1) n. The place in Norway to work.

2) adj. Unavailable for drinking/partying due to being on a rig.

3) v. Tricked, conned, or otherwise persuaded into going offshore.
1) I work offshore, we watch plasma TV's on coffee break.

2) I was offshore for the last 4 weekends.

3) I was supposed to be home for the holidays, but I got offshored. Looks like this year I'll have an offshore christmas instead.
by vaeren December 17, 2006

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n. The place where hydrocarbons (oil and/or natural gas) are produced. "The oilfield" is also a term used by oil & gas industry professionals to describe their industry and the work associated with it.
I worked in the oilfield for 10 years before becoming a desk jockey.
by vaeren January 13, 2007

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n. The Norwegian word for bubble wrap.
Bjørn: "Har du litt bobleplast?"
Einar: "Ja."
by vaeren January 13, 2007

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n. A Christmas Eve or Christmas Day spent offshore on a rig or platform in Norway. Usually celebrated with a large, elaborate meal and boxes of chocolates.
My crew and I were running an RST job, so we had an offshore christmas.
by vaeren December 17, 2006

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