FIPS is an acronym used by Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan residents which literally means Fucking Illinois Person(s). FIPS are the bane of full time residents existence in beach communities, as they show up and act like they run the town. Common FIP moves are leaving a boneyard of Michelob Ultra cans on the beach (try drinking Miller Lite, pussy), driving the wrong way down a one-way, or taking up two lanes of traffic on a family bike ride. FIP season starts in late April and ends after Labor Day, leaving full time residents a 5 month war to wage against yuppy scum. FIPS are like 2 dollar hookers: there's a diamond in the rough every once in awhile but for the most part the BJ is gonna suck.
*Driving Down By the Lake*
Oh look, the Johnson's family of 6 is walking horizontal down the street. Fucking FIPS
by keendiddy April 08, 2021
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n. One serving, usually of food.

Also used to describe a classification of chimpanzee found in southern Africa.
"I'd like one more fip of ice cream please."

"Look at that fip; it's climbing into that tree."
by Angelo Gribanske February 21, 2009
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Acronym for Face In Phone. When someone is constantly staring at their phone and ignoring the world around them.
"All you do is FIP all day." or "Every time I see her she is fipping." When I catch someone doing this I sing or whistle the theme song from the TV show Flipper. They call her Fipper, Fipper waisting the whole day. Face in a phone, as if she alone.
by InTIMin8or November 27, 2014
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1. Milk that is mixed with an alcoholic beverage; White Russians, Baileys, etc.
2. Cum that is mixed with a beverage.
Do you see how many fips she just took!? God damn!
by Fred PP July 03, 2019
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Fip is another version of rip. It means fuck in peace.
Person 1: "Did you hear about John's new girlfriend?"
Person 2: "Isn't this his 3rd one this week?"
Person 1: "Yeah, may the fip if you ask me"
by gayforminyoongi August 06, 2017
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