Amber-colored water with a miniscule alcohhol content which seems to be marketed as a sports drink.
Person 1: Would you like a beer?
Person 2: What do you have?
Person 1: Just Mich Ultra. It's good for you, you know.
Person 2: Nah, I'll take something a little stronger. How about a water?
by Kturk July 11, 2005
What beer drinkers drink when they're not drinking beer.
Dude #1: "Hey buddy, want a beer?"
Dude #2: "No thanks, I have to drive home later. Can I have a Michelob Ultra?"
by dmbcpa777 August 10, 2012
Flavorless alcohol delivery product that people think is good for them because their television and radio told them so.
I saw a man walk out of the grocery store with three bags of chips, five loaves of bread, and two cases of Michelob Ultra. He's watching his carb intake, you know.
by Beerman September 22, 2003
A genuinely nice change of pace for those of us watching our waist lines (Who ain't been there before). A excellent beer for smashing and impressing your friends and family! ;)
Hot person: You have beer?
Bartender: Why yes, sweetheart. What will it be?
Hot person: A very slim, Low carb, sexy, Michelob Ultra
Bartender: Take me now
by GrassInsideMeAss February 23, 2018
The beer people hate on for being light but are drinking a 210 calorie beer with the same alcohol percentage. You drink
Bud light buddy, calm down.
Yeah let me grab a Michelob Ultra I’m not trying to eat two dinners
by NewYorkPalmTrees January 9, 2021
Pussy beer. It's for golfers and queers.
"Let's get some michelobe ultra"

"Yeah, right after I powder my pussy... Queer."
by Vikingtechnologi March 15, 2014
It’s slender, smooth with little to no veins when fully erect. The surroundings, balls included, are waxed clean to perfection.
Chad totally has a michelob ultra dick.
by HotSweatyLady January 14, 2020