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A word like langauge, recognizable only in print since its pronunciation is indistinguishable from its cognate, English. Often appears in important documents like resumes, cover letters and masters' theses. Usually found only after the document has been sent, but also found in many places on the Internet. Users usually wonder, silently, about the ways of spell check and then make an appointment with their oculist.
I majored in Enlgish and speak two other langauges.
by jorzef December 07, 2007
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When you're trying to chat at a reasonable speed, but you keep messing the words up with letters in opposite places of where they should be. Not to be confused with Engrish or Engish.
Jim: Hey Suzy, let's go for a wlak. We shuold definitely be sure to call the others and get them to join us.
Suzy: *walk. And *should.

Jim: Haha, yeah, sorry, my Enlgish is acting up today.
by Advictoriam February 27, 2018
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