can stand for many things(fucked for sure, etc) but most commonly an acronym for "for fucks sake"
mostly used in the gaming world
usually used when you are pissed
dont say it at school or at work
Awww ffs, this bitch wont stop texting me.
FFS, get your shit together!
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by iluvvwillh May 09, 2018
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p1: someone just hacked my account FFS
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by IMS WIMS November 16, 2017
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For fuck sake.
Fighting for science.
Fire fighter soup.
Finding fair sleep.
Friends for sure.
Friction' for sissies.
Fun facial sauce.
Fuck for sale.
Friends for sex.
Fuck fucking seagulls.
Fish for sale.
Female facial spray.
FFS-it's it's own definition.
Faggots fugly secrets.
ZOMFG! WTF DAT NWB JUST KILLED ME WITH A GOD DAMN ROCKET LAUNCHER! !FUCKING NOOBS FFS! GTFO YOU ROCKETWHORE! LRN2PRO SUCKZOR. I'll stick my hand down your throat, rip out your spine and whip you with it, hang you with it and beat you to death with your own skull!!!

*proceeds to teabag remains of noob and kills noob again as he tries to sneak up on you*
by Wings of Lead January 21, 2008
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The Berkeley "Fast File System," originally introduced in the 1984. Commonly used in implementations of BSD everywhere as a lower layer of UFS (alongside LFS).
I've got softdep toggled on my FFS partitions so, without the overhead of journalling, I can still reduce the chance of mangled data during crashes!
by anonymoso September 26, 2006
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jack: when will people learn the meaning of ffs
bob: i agree for fuck sake people keep asking
by loltehrealpawnd November 12, 2011
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1. An acronym for the phrase "For fucks sake!", generally used in any given MMORPG and forum.

2. An acronym for "Fake Friend Syndrome" used when someone pretends to be another person's friend for their own personal gain. This is usually done in school to acquire information in which to insult them later or to cheat off the person you are pretending to be friends with.
1. Idiot: wats a n00b?
Me: FFS! Go away!

2. Me: He's got FFS.
by Social Republic December 30, 2010
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Frantic Fart Shoo

Trying to swiftly re-distribute a passing of gas, to either completely dissipate the tainted air or move it towards someone else to move the blame to them.
Hey Steve i totally FFS'd five minuets ago and blamed Dan lol!
by for bst results cook at 1.21gw December 23, 2015
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