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Icelandic Rectal Lure

A fishing bait used primarily in the Volcanic island immediately south of the Antarctic circle, the lure is the shape of an human anus, this variant of lure usually attracts the Brown-nosed Hole Bitter, a fast and sleek fish only found in Iceland.
Marcus: Hey Phil, did you bring the IRL?
Phil: Yeah, I've got them.
Marcus: Oh thank god, i cant go home empty-handed this time!
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beansing; beansed; "to have beans on one's shirt"

1) To thoroughly embarrass oneself, by way of ineptitude or stupidity.

verb. (past tense)

"to have beans on one's shirt"
(see baked beans) To wear a non-physical "badge" signifying you have achieved an impressive, continued or consistant level of ineptitude, wearing the "beans" as a reminder of your spectacular incompetence. It is implied that the degrading "badge" will remain as a semi-permanent reminder, as would the mark that might be left by spilling baked beans on your shirt.
"I wish I was better at pool, but I keep *beansing* up all my shots"
"Barry is such a pepega, he completey *beansed* that up"
"I tried to show off my juggling skills in front of my class, but I failed spectacularly, now *I have beans all over my shirt*"
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Frantic Fart Shoo

Trying to swiftly re-distribute a passing of gas, to either completely dissipate the tainted air or move it towards someone else to move the blame to them.
Hey Steve i totally FFS'd five minuets ago and blamed Dan lol!
by for bst results cook at 1.21gw December 23, 2015

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