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The first track of heavy metal band Metallica's eighth studio album, "St. Anger". The song's lyrics deal with personal struggle and addiction, as well as the Buddhist principle of dukkha.

This song is particularly notable for its chorus, in which singer James Hetfield growls the word "Frantic", followed by repeating the syllable "tic" six times per line, finishing with the utterance of "tock", mimicking the sound of a ticking clock.

This chorus has been recognized by online communities for its repetitiveness, and has been the subject of several edited videos in which Hetfield repeats the "tic" syllable indefinitely, similar to "the best," a meme built off of "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters. This is unofficially known as the "Frantic Roll."
by El Chocho April 11, 2010
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