p1: someone just hacked my account FFS
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by IMS WIMS November 16, 2017
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1.) An internet slang acronym meaning "for fuck's sake."
2.) An infamous acronym on the GameFAQs.com message boards meaning "Fox for sex." The meaning of the phrase is unknown.
1.) FFS! were gettin pwned!
2.) excuse me, everyone! Fox for sex. That is all.
by Chevy Jackson December 21, 2007
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stand for For F#$$ SAKES. Used in Online Games Such as CoH CoV WoW
F.F.S. I got Pwned!
F.F.S. There are way to many bosses here.
by QFC November 29, 2005
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Frantic Fart Shoo

Trying to swiftly re-distribute a passing of gas, to either completely dissipate the tainted air or move it towards someone else to move the blame to them.
Hey Steve i totally FFS'd five minuets ago and blamed Dan lol!
by for bst results cook at 1.21gw December 23, 2015
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Forty Foolish Snakes

Used when there are a hell of a lot of scaled, and stupid, serpentine creatures roaming the general premise of an area you are describing.
"For fuck's sake. There has to be FFS in this house. Look at them running into walls!"
by Forty-Two April 22, 2006
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Acronym for "fuck fuck shit" and "for fuck's sake".
Generally used in multiplayer/online games and chat.
As appreciated in the example below, both serve the same meaning.
-"I've just washed the car, FFS!"

-"That guy's leeroying us"
by Xette June 19, 2006
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