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Someone who ignores you when they're around more 'popular' people.
Someone who only talks to you when they need something.
Someone who ignores you when they're in a group of people.
Someone who tells you they can't hangout, but they hangout with someone else instead.
Someone who never invites you to anything, unless they can't find anyone else to go.
Someone who, without a reason, gossip about you and make fun of you, but say that it was just a joke.
Someone who doesn't answer your texts when you ask them important questions.
Someone who fake laughs when they talk to you.
Someone who tells secrets to another friend, but doesn't tell them to you.

Most of all, someone who does these things, but then when it's just you two, they pretend like nothing's changed. Then they want you to act the same around them, and whether they realize what they do or not, they won't apologize.

If 4 or more of these things apply to one of your 'friends' then they are a fake friend
Real friend: hey you seem down lately, what's up?
You: nothing, just that she always ignores me around other people.
Real friend: What a bitch...don't worry about it. She's a fake friend.
You: You think?
Real friend: for sure. Look it up on urban dictionary if you don't believe me.
by Flavor Cycle February 21, 2014
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A person who uses you for their own benefits and then spreads rumors and gossips about you
Kate is such a fake friend, she used me for a ride and then threw some shade at me on Instagram.
by Puppy girl February 01, 2017
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Someone who is only your friend, until they find someone better. Someone who is your friend until they have a boyfriend.
Kailee is a fake friend, she was my friend until she got a boyfriend, now she ignore me to spend time with him.
by Richard4 October 17, 2013
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Someone who only acts as your friend when they require a service from you.
โ€œGee Kevin, I could really use a ride to Futureshop todayโ€ โ€“ Politis
by Kevin December 03, 2004
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Someone you meet (or rather they fling themselves upon you) when you are lonely. It doesnt matter if you like being alone a fake friend will try and fit you up with some asshole friend of theirs who cant get a date and if you sink into the trap its a relationship destined for disaster and your supposed friends will give you "advice" that just makes things worse but they dont really care because they meant to set up Jeremy Kyle Live themselves and want to keep stirring the shit pot.
Fake friends are the reason I dont trust anyone, anymore
by Goth Doll October 15, 2017
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Someone who acts funny around you like they hiding something, someone that talks behind your back, someone that isnt truthful to you, who doesnt care about your feelings, someone who would betray you without you knowing and act like they did nuthing wrong.
That girl a fake friend she went with her best friend boyfriend jus 3 days after they broke and she didn't even tell her.

That boy a fake friend , he was acting weird toward his best friend because he didnt want him to know he was going out with his girlfriend.
by shaquanta June 22, 2010
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