Acronym for "Fat Finger Syndrome." When a person with large fingers tries to type, and accidently hits too many keys.
"Hey@! Whjat's uip?"

Oops, sorry! FFS!
by wewaspor November 30, 2009
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used mainly when anger and frustration run rampent through the veins of even the most noble and happy chappy
kid' settle down fukwit
by J April 01, 2005
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Fat Friend Syndrome-Sort of a Murphy's Law of dating. Most hot or good looking woman have a lesser attractive, usually overweight friend along to accompany her on a date or social gathering. Half Bouncer and Half Excuse Hot chicks employ the help of these friends to protect from an on slot of lame fellows, or as an excuse to escape. The Male can combat a FFS by deploying a wingman to create a diversion.
"That girl is hot but we have a FFS in effect"

"FFS, to your left."
by JJKOshane December 15, 2008
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Acronym for 'first fuck syndrome'
in other words after you break up with your first fuck, you're attached to them and they don't want anything to do with you
'are tony and emily still together'
'no they broke up a month ago but she still calls him cause she has ffs'
by jizm September 09, 2005
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for fux sake, for fuck sake

this was first used in the early days of IRC cat rooms by insomnia, it became popular in the game imperial conflict and Battlefield 1942

I personally can remember it in the days of castle wolfenstein and hidden and dangerous both fantastic games way ahead of their time as was Dune
by panzermort June 26, 2013
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The Chairman of Newcastle United Football Club - Fat Freddie Shepherd. A hopeless clown who can not for the life of him control a business.
"I see FFS has been caught in a brothel AGAIN!"
by Dan Wilson September 03, 2006
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