Jul 30 Word of the Day
A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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Flash Flash Revolution, the most happenin' game on the net. Like dance dance revolution, but on a computer.
I went to flashflashrevolution.com and played flash flash revolution and then told my friends (well the real ones anyway) about flash flash revolution and they went to flashflashrevolution.com and played Flash Flash Revolution and told their friends about flashflashrevolution.com...u see where this is going right?
by Viewtiful J October 02, 2003
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FFR - For Future Referene
Idiot: I crashed my car!

you: Sucks, FFR car's don't go well with boozed up twats like yourself.
by Nemoness July 25, 2011
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Fat, Flat, and Retarded.
Mainly used for girls that don't look appealing to any man.

Don't worry, they're so retarded that they won't even bother to look it up. Trust me, some people can be so ugly sometimes that you just gotta come up with an acronym that fits it all together.
Yeah like what the fuck I swear Ashley is such a fucking FFR, like I never knew someone could be that ugly. I think I'm gonna need to wash my eyes.
by jakob mcafree November 04, 2019
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Girl: He is so fucking ugly, SHEESH.
Girl 2: FFR
by maddmetallemons July 23, 2018
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