Hey man let me write this down in my ffr list... too lazy to do it now.
by smol oreos June 28, 2020
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Fat, Flat, and Retarded.
Mainly used for girls that don't look appealing to any man.

Don't worry, they're so retarded that they won't even bother to look it up. Trust me, some people can be so ugly sometimes that you just gotta come up with an acronym that fits it all together.
Yeah like what the fuck I swear Ashley is such a fucking FFR, like I never knew someone could be that ugly. I think I'm gonna need to wash my eyes.
by jakob mcafree November 04, 2019
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FFR is growing web game...because we are spreading it to more and more people. Its international not only local. Its is very competitive web game(thats the best thing). I spend a lot of time playing it because its very good. I like it. Lets play FFR sometimes...just send me your profile name. I will take contact! Tell your friends about this. Its funny believe me. You cant know without trying. Leg in FFR and you will be happy, like I am.

Just do this together!!!
FFR is almost same than stepmania, but there is some reasons why FFR is better...that I will tell to you!
by Junnu May 19, 2007
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Fdisk Format Reload/Reinstall.

A geek abbreviation I picked up a while ago at work. It's another way of saying "reformat".
Newb: My AOLs are busted, my computar has viruses and spywares. How do I fix this?
Me: Give me $90 and I'll FFR it. Just back up anything important.
by wardrich April 26, 2006
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Followers - Following Ratio
Directed to people who have & use Twitter {Religiously}. Those that have a high ratio are in the upper echelon, or Illuminati if you will of Twitter.
Followers ÷ Following = FFR
by ThatGuy2.0 March 11, 2011
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FoFuckenReal - as in "You can't be serious" or "It's the truth"
Guy: i can't believe i got a gurl pregnant
2nd Guy: FFR?


Girl: i'm tired of all this bitches here, ima just do me
2nd Girl: yea gurl i agree, FFR
by anonymous10101234 August 30, 2009
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