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Flash Flash Revolution, the most happenin' game on the net. Like dance dance revolution, but on a computer.
I went to flashflashrevolution.com and played flash flash revolution and then told my friends (well the real ones anyway) about flash flash revolution and they went to flashflashrevolution.com and played Flash Flash Revolution and told their friends about flashflashrevolution.com...u see where this is going right?
by Viewtiful J October 02, 2003

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To be stylish and be able to go at mach speed.
I am viewtiful, and so is my friend Joe
by Viewtiful J October 06, 2003

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Dominoes at a higher level. Five card slams, broken tables, and snapped does.
PRSS Blank 1 All-Stars: Slam To My Lou, Big 6 and Blanka
Blank 1, Anything else is uncivilized
by Viewtiful J January 20, 2004

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Ken Master's favourite (and only) battle cry
watch street fighter 2 V, you'll know what i'm talking bout
by Viewtiful J October 04, 2003

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