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FC Barcelona is one of the world's best soccer teams. Lionel Messi is so far their best player, and has scored many goals for the team.
FC Barcelona is the total best!
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by 25IMF June 23, 2019
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An absolutely brilliant football team who play one of the most attractive football in the world. Barcelona was founded in 1899 and has since become a Catalan institution which henceforth brought foward the club's motto "Més que un club"(More than a club). They are currently coached by Frank Rijkaard who has brought forth much talent such as Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Deco, Lionel Messi and youngsters Gio dos Santos and Bojan Krkic. FC Barcelona is the pride of Catalonian football.
FC Barcelona fan 1: Did you see Barca smash that team on the weekend?

FC Barcelona fan 2: Yeah, Barca ate them up for breakfast, lunch and tea.
by Ricky-D November 08, 2007
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F. C. Barcelona is the worlds best football club.
F. C. Barcelona keeps trashing the opponents - don't really need to pick out a single match because it happens everytime! Just watch their games.
by Barcelista June 13, 2010
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the team that got fucked harder then Abella Danger by Bayern 8-2 in the Champions League quarter finals.
"Champions League will come to Camp Nou" - Messi when he used to play for FC Barcelona
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by Bayern2020 August 23, 2020
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the most annoying and overrated soccer club with some of the most annoying, ignorant fans on the face of the earth

a team full of fans that basically believe camp nou is where the Lord Almighty plays a hearty game of futbol with his fellow disciples
by suckmydicklol March 24, 2011
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Shitty club that wins because of 4 extra players (the 4 officials)
Background: Team A gets 15 penalties in a row after Team A's star player trips on the ball
Team A plays like FC Barcelona
by Don'tShitOnMe April 09, 2017
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