Someone who is good looking and calm they have a soothing voice and often get the girls. They usually have brown eyed abd are hard workers they try there best. When they notice someone of interest they tend not to stare to much and try not to give it away. They are out going with there friends but can be shy at times and regret moments they wish they could have be again. They are very loving and everyone around them thinks there nice to be around. They are quite punctual when they want to be
"That guy is so cute"

"True he most be a Barca"
by Yah Yeet ❤ January 6, 2019
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Word skaters use to call Barcelona, one of the best skate cities in the world.
Joe may be going to Playstations in London but I'm going to Barca!
by Cat who shat May 31, 2004
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A word tourists and skaters should stop using when referring to the city of Barcelona. That's just the football club's abbreviation and it's written "Barça" (pronounced Barsa, not Barca). Barca is a boat in Spanish and in Catalan.

Locals refer to the city as "Barna", which you have to admit sounds much cooler.
Tourist: "I love Barca!"

Local: "It's Barna. The city is not just a football club."
by cameldung April 2, 2018
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A catastrophic event where bayern munchen bummed barcelona 8-2
Person 1: wake up it's 9
Person 2: holy shit they've scored again?
Person 1: no it's not the barca, it is 9 am you idiot

Person 1 cries
Person 2 cries
by Morcosation August 20, 2021
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Usually a friend who will always throw you under the bus so they do not get into trouble. A Barcas’ is somebody who blames others for their drug problems. Barcas’s are very addicted to everything they do. They are untrustworthy, and generally do not keep friends for long.
Stay away from him, he is a total Barcas’
by Booooomerrr! October 3, 2019
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The greatest military tactician in history, and general of the Carthaginian armies in both Punic Wars against Rome.

Inventor of the pincers movement, pioneered in the Battle of Cannae (216BC), the greatest defeat in Roman military history, and the third of his three great victories over Roman forces (following River Trebia in 218BC and Lake Trasimene in 217BC).

The Carthaginian empire spanned from Tunisia (where Carthage is) through Libya and most of North Africa, Spain, Mallorca, Corsica, Sicily, and Sardinia.

His name also inspired the name of the city of Barcelona, which was once part of the Carthaginian empire.
Alexander the Great may have had the numbers and the massive empire, but Hannibal Barca had the tactics, the better cavalry and ELEPHANTS!!!
by OD Smith August 19, 2007
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it means fuck Barcelona.....which refers to the Spanish Football Club Barcelona for which Lionel Messi plays....this is often chanted by the Real Madrid supporters...
by ADI-DAS October 24, 2013
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