Female Body Inspector
Bob looks at girls a lot, hes is a female body inspector
by Geppy February 24, 2005
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An organization of federal workers, or agents, designed to secure the US against security risks that disrupt the government somehow "clearing the picture" for other departments/agencies/forces or sending in their own forces for exigent purposes. They also have a nationwide web of phone/webtaps, informants, spies and undercover guys ("plants"). Founded in 1908 with the purpose of fighting crime more effectively nationwide, they eventually lasted through trying times such as the Prohibition, WW1/WW2 and 9/11 and continue their work today.
An agent: a suit with an signed ID. Usu. seen with a 9mm handguns, black Sedan and a red tie. *Some believe they are actually aliens.* ::GASP::
by Smkngmgc June 13, 2004
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Fucking Big Indian: A large man or woman of indiginous roots. Commonly sighted at bingo halls and beer holes, this species can be quite dangerous when approached.

To avoid harm, look directly at the F.B.I., and slowly back away. It has been noted that throwing coins will distract them.
You walk into a bar or a bingo, and what's the first thing you see? That's right, it's an F.B.I. staring you down like you were a word they couldn't understand.
by mik-mak-patty-smack October 07, 2006
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F.B.I. stands for floppy ball index. The index ranges from 1-5, 1 being really tight, and 5 being the floppiest it can be.
guy one: Hey dude, whats your F.B.I.?

guy two: (grabs balls and feels around) I'm at about...a 3.
by L. marx January 24, 2006
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Flat Batty Indian
When a carribean girl of Indian descent has a flat booty.
Damn dat gyal gotah flat batty!
She ah FBI!
by rizagyal April 08, 2009
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