When things aren't going good causing us to struggle.
In these trying times of fear and uncertainty the human race will prevail against the covid 19 virus caused by the selfish Chinese government that allowed it to spread through out the world.
by jimmybomm October 8, 2020
Important and influential time period beginning in late-2019 where a virus known as Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) shut down most of the world's economy and livelihood. This time in world history caused many people to lose their jobs and business. To lose their dates of graduation. To be trapped inside their own homes. Baking became the most popular past-time right next to masturbation and TikTok exploitation. Food delivery became a necessity.

When people did venture outside, it was mostly to go to the grocery store to purchase the extremely rare items of toilet paper, go to work at one of the businesses that were considered essential or to simply step outside . The outside was risky, however, it brought with it the ability to contract the virus. Many hospitals were filled to the brim with patients. Medical masks were running out quickly, but the number of patients were quickly rising.

Companies sent out mass emails to past purchasers with letters signed by their CEOs explaining how strange the situation is but how "We are all in this together". That became the motto. It became the slogan. The government helped us out. College loans were stopped and some insurance premiums were halted. Sadly, many people who lost their jobs were living paycheck-to-paycheck. The amount of help was not enough for many, but the golden phrase "We are all in this together" kept people sane.

It was a time to live. It was a time to cry. It was the world. It was the world in a Trying Time.
The year 2044
Buck Heim High School, Mr. Lemar Jenkins 10th Grade Geometry Class

Ashley, 14 - "My mom, won't let me go to the party."
Bethany, 14 -"Your mom doesn't you do anything! Like you are gonna be by yourself for the rest of your life because of her."

A - "It's so annoying! She is scared of germs and me catching something. Also she wants to make sure I'm home so the electricity bill is ran up with her waiting for me to come home. Like, she is doing too much."
B - "She is so outdated."
A - "She says it's because it's when she was my age, she lost everything in a week."
B- "Everything? Omg, that's scary, but still...you're going to lose everything if you don't go to this party."
A- "I know, I have to go. But she was saying schools shut down, my grandpa lost his job and had to start delivering pizzas for months while on unemployment. Everyone had to walk around in masks when they went outside. The whole world was crazy."
B- "Oh yeah, your mom is old. She did experience the Trying Time."
A- "I guess, but even then...it's not the 20s anymore."
B - "Exactly."
by T-RoyLee-Roy April 18, 2020
A meme that we forgot to revive during the coronavirus pandemic
woke people during the pandemic: Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?
by ♥🗺☠ June 10, 2021