'Future Booty Investment': This is the preservation of good terms with "ex" girlfriends and boyfriends, leaving the possibility of enjoying sexual relations sometime in the future. The term was created in 2006 by Colin A.N. aka Manimal.
James broke up with Carol three years ago, but they remained friendly. Later, Carol got married and had a child but her marriage ended shortly after his birth. Since Carol's divorce, she and James have been hanging out from time to time enjoying the FBI of their past relationship.
by ManimalOfNature September 29, 2008
Getting laid by an Indian dude, Someone dating an Indian guy is said to be FBI
by aaaiiiiii August 22, 2010
The people who can see what you’re browsing on the internet if you don’t use incognito mode. If you watch loli hentai without incognito mode, the FBI will raid your house and kill you.
*Bill masturbates to loli hentai without incognito mode*
by The Real NerdMysteria April 9, 2018
Acronym for 'Facebook Investigation'
Going to do some FBI work on that guy I met last night.
by KrisC March 2, 2008
Federal Boob inspector
Some random girl: "IDK if my boobs are big"
Me: "Just call the FBI
by DenizSmille April 18, 2019
Stands for "Flaming Butthole Issues" Usually occurring a few hours after eating spicy food, such as hot cheetos or takis.
"Hey, I'm not gonna make it to your niece's wake. I got FBI from those spicy chicken tacos we had last night."
by JSleepy27 December 4, 2017
Gary: I just got done looking at Lolis
FBI: Open up.
by thotneeshia September 25, 2018