The day that started a 300+ year genocide of Native Americans.
1492 is when we had to protect ourselves from the "terrorists". The beginning of the FIRST Homeland Security.
by Ihsahn November 21, 2004
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The heroic year in which Columbus first landed in America and created many colonies for Spain, other countries soon followed in colonization. They pathed the way for the nations of America's existance
1: 1492 was a horrible year11!1!!1 First terrorists11!11!1
2: Um, no. You're an American randomly siding with minorities who are being attacked, who can easily defend themselves and are bugged at your interference. Also, you would be either not alive or in France if they'd never colonized...
by Sylaswwww July 30, 2021
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Stupid little shit: what happened in 1492?
Remotely smart person: Are you in school?
by Not your uncle April 9, 2019
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he lags up this server
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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