Idiotic way of writing fuck as to not be offensive, as if anyone couldn't figure out what it said. Other forms include f*ck (even more obvious) and f***
Guy 1: I am so f**king mad!

Guy 2: I wonder what f**k would mean.
by FlareNUKE October 1, 2006
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"F**k" or "F##k" is a censored version of fuck like "f*ck" or "f***" to make it no offensive, in the Roblox chat is "####", and in the comics is a random combinations of "#", "*", "$", "!", "&", "@", "&", "(" and ")" like @#$%, #!$% and others
Is used for videos not being demonetized on Youtube
Is used to censor curse words in general media
Is used to make you look cooler
Context: They
MinecraftUser23: What will be the video tittle... This game is hard as fuck, yeah looks an awesome tittle!
Types "This game is hard as fuck"

Oh shit with the f-word in the tittle of the video gonna be demonetized... so let's try this
Select text "fuck", press DELETE and then type "f**k"

MinecraftUser23: Oh fuck yeah or this case more like f**k yeah, anyways lets publish the video to the public
MinecraftUser23: Oh i sayed "fuck" during the video and i didn't put a BEEP!
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Just the fuck kidding.

Also, a bad ass way to describe the second greatest president ever (second to only the most bad ass president ever, Andrew Jackson.)
Sterling- "Stuart, I want to come out of the closet to you."
Stuart- "Golly. That'd be swell."
Sterling- "J the F K, you homo fag. Get a life.
by Jim Mij August 6, 2011
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New game... Golden Girls... M/F/K... and GO difficulty: two of them are already dead, you sick bastards

From a thread
by Smiddy04 February 28, 2010
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The pay-by -the-hour type motel where you don’t really wanna be caught dead and are also slightly terrified might have at least one contagious disease on any given surface...still, you find yourself frequenting this type of establishment when the urge you feel and itch you need to scratch to turn up and have a quickie must be scratched.
‘See you at the ‘bump ‘n f**k’ in an hour...don’t forget to bring cash and your ID!! ....And possibly some antibiotics!!!”
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ August 2, 2019
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A Netflix documentary on Luka Magnotta's awful crimes. Generally meant in the sense of just don't be an idiot and abuse animals.
A: "Some idiot posted a video of killing kittens online. The internet hunted him down."
B: "Tss, deserved. Don't f**k with cats."
by don't kys u're hot December 19, 2021
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A phrase used by pro wrestler Cody Rhodes mocking the WWE tag-team "The Revival"
1, 2, 3, FTR (F**k The Revival)!!
by terdorks September 2, 2017
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