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what Logan Paul isn't after making a video at a suicide forest but what ever other youtuber is after saying "heck"
Why the fuck am I demonetized and Logan Paul isn't.
by YaBoyCheesecake June 05, 2018
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Process by which YouTube channels which espouse a narrative contrary to the mainstream socio-globalist agenda, are deemed not to be advertiser friendly, and are stripped of their revenue stream.
Demonetization is worn like a badge of honour by alternative news and content creators because it is social proof that they were deemed to be a real threat to sanitized, legacy mainstream media talking points.
A: He questioned the focus on gun control, and they demonetized his channel.
B: Is that all? I know of five other channels that were totally banned, just shut down, for merely asking questions. He was lucky.
by Zoschenko March 02, 2018
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