what Logan Paul isn't after making a video at a suicide forest but what ever other youtuber is after saying "heck"
Why the fuck am I demonetized and Logan Paul isn't.
by YaBoyCheesecake May 15, 2018
A word used in past perfect for non family friendly words such as killed, died, fucked.

It is also what videos on YouTube can get if they use these non family friendly words and the video gets removed of all ad revenue
Man, my video got demonetized..

Hey, that guy’s totally demonetized.
by Lucas B Nagy October 16, 2019
Word communly used Captain Sparklez to avoid seeing their revenue locked Youtube.

Other words such as "fork, frick or
The creeper just Ksssssst and explode and then I demonetized and lost all my dimonds into lava.

Here, it stand for died like a smol brain.
by WaveStory August 13, 2019
You get no money on YouTube or mainstream social media after you swear or get age restricted.
Mini Ladd can't pay his morgage because he swore even when his editor cencored it and got demonetized from it.
by Dongus Pal April 29, 2019
The worst form of torture to greedy youtubers
This video was reported so many times it now has demonetization as a problem...
by Broben5 December 31, 2018
A word used to censor other words, particularly in the case of CaptainSparklez' YouTube channel, when he coined the term after doing reddit reaction videos.
The minecraf chat reads "CS was demonetized by Jerry" rather than "CS was slain by Jerry" so that YouTubes algorithms won't demonetize the video.
by Anon ih mus November 17, 2019
YouTube does this to random channel for saying "heck" or for no reason at all to increase their revenue lol
wtf i got demonetization for saying "heck" but bots that says nsfw stuff in my comment didnt get any punishment
by missingno_kekw May 2, 2022