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A typical stupid Woxyism, another way to say "true". Also seen as "trewth".
Josh you really are gay, its trew.
by 0mGLoL!Tr3W August 04, 2006
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1. he greatest band ever. they come from a stupid place called antigonish...i live there and it is veerrrryyy stupid. so they moved to niagra falls and became famous, but we always knew they would anyway. they used to be called one-eyed trouser...
2. scottish travelling pants
look at those trews wearing their trews!!!
the trews are excellent musicians.

one of the trews lived near my house.

i think my trews are too tight.
by Shari Yagvan-Valo June 20, 2004
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Short for trousers. Used to save time by now pronouncing one sylable, and also makes the speaker sound cooler
"Wow...Your trews are very cool...where did you get them?"
by ~bLiSs~ July 01, 2005
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A very attractive girl, always out to have fun. Not to be messed with, she'll knock you the fuck out. Doesn't take much to piss her off, but she's the best friend you could ever ask for. Even if her friends walked all over her, she would never do the same. She takes a lot of shit, but you rearley ever see her give it back. Doesn't care what is said about her, as long as she is happy. Crazy good at sports, and every one knows it.
"Trew is a great athelete"
by 00364 December 13, 2011
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The "trew" way of writing true.

The simple way of writing true.
For ex. is is part of qwerty backwards. wert=trew
Wow, that person is such a slut! I wanna do her tonight!

Trew man, but the thing is, i did her last night.
by OmGYoUCaNtSeEmE January 08, 2009
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trew is the heckin awesome word coined in like 5 minutes ago. it means true but sounds cooler
i like to sleep through church
by isleepthruchurch April 23, 2018
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1. a cool version of true
2. substitute of yea
3. used when there's nothing else to say
4. used when you're not paying attention
5. can be used as a funny form of one
friend 1: Dude, did you really burn the school down? friend 2: yea man. trew~!

friend 1: Is that your car? friend 2: LoL! the 1978 chevy? TREW~!

friend 1: so umm...yea. friend 2: trew! trew~! trew~~!

friend 1: so yesterday...are you even listening to me? friend 2: treW~!

friend 1: give me a funny form of one. friend 2: TREW/TREW
by dcahviind February 20, 2006
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