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A dark art (that is unfortuently necessary) performed by either:
1. Normal people who wish to lose weight, god help them.
2. Obnoxious, condescending, moronic, unfunny twats who pick on overweight people because they want to depress them even further. They're also known as oxygen wasters.
Overweight Person: I feel like I need to lose weight, pronto.
Oxygen Waster: lol lardy stumak
Overweight Person: That didn't make any sense.
Oxygen Waster: lol ur fat
Overweight Person: That's why I came to do exercise - Jesus Christ were you fucking dropped on your head as a daily procedure?
Oxygen Waster: lol i have the iq of a potato salad
by Balter Black May 28, 2015
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It's got a lot of meanings. For one it's kinda like when you're explaining something to someone who doesn't quite get it or... ah, bollocks to this.
Didn't you listen to what I just said? Bollocks to it. Bollocks to this. Bollocks to everything on this godforsaken planet.
by Balter Black September 19, 2016
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When someone says something that you couldn't give any less of a massive fuck about.
Amy: For all we know, humans don't really have free will!
Bender: Yeah whatever.
by Balter Black January 1, 2016
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