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Shielding a person from the consequences of a destructive behavior; Allowing a person's destructive behavior to persist by managing or minimizing the ill-effects of the behavior.

"Enabling" vs. "Empowering"

Enabling: supporting a person's behavior that (repeatedly/habitually) instigates a negative or destructive result

Empowering: supporting a person's ability or effort in a positive or progressive endeavor
Enabling can be as destructive as the behavior itself . . . a person enabling a destructive behavior is motivated by their need to do so and is gratified by reinforcing their superiority or control over that person; An "enabler" holds a person in an inferior state by denying them the motivation to change and therefore, the opportunity to grow.
by dexmcgee December 11, 2015
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(verb) the action of sub-consciously getting a girl to fall in love with you. An enabler is extremely precise and strategically tactful. They will engage in constant texting, planning of casual dinners and RomCom date nights. An enabler does not limit himself to one target and will occupy his time in multiple engagements with girls often in the same group of friends.

After a girl is successfully enabled; the "enabler" becomes officially bored and will subsequently deploy the response mechanism known as disabling. A disabler will refuse to response to messages/calls and avoid social events where the "enablee" will be in attendance
Guy 1: Why are you so upset?
Guy 2: I've got to stop enabling these Melbourne girls. They get upset if I shower them in affection and then delete them from facebook after I'm bored
Guy1: You need to work on your disabling techniques man
by Notbadmate May 06, 2012
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