very small football club from the city of liverpool,forever in the shadow of rivals liverpools 18 leagues and 5 european cups, everton claim to be the peoples club but very rarly fill their own stadium very bitter and twisted supportesr who blame liverpool for all their faults.....
ay la what score did everton get on?
Arsenal won 7-1...

oh well liverpool drew with man u so its sound gonna go back to wales and shag a sheep later.....
by robbiefowlerisgod February 05, 2010
A mediocre football club in Liverpool. Not as good as Liverpool but not as hated too.
Everton got thrashed 6-1 at home by a weakened Arsenal team on the opening day of the 2009/10 season.
"Everton are 3 nil down at half time and Fabregas hasn't even scored yet"

Sky sports commentary
by fivepointsix August 16, 2009
1.) "El Small Club, No?"
2.) Football Team From Liverpool, who call themselves the people's club but are planning on moving away from Liverpool to Tesco in Kirby.
3.) "Liverpool peoples club", and they're not called liverpool...
4.) They don't care what the red shite say. Of course, thats why they wrote a song about it.
1.) Kopite: "Were in the Champions League!"
Blue Shite: "UEFA cupps betta larr"

2.) Kopite: Eee Mate you got beat 2-1 by Runcorn linnets!
by Jord Wilson August 28, 2008
A club with very little success, fans of Everton tend to insult other clubs rather than attempt to compliment their own.

Evertonians tend to be the scum that hang around on street corners, and generally give the city of Liverpool a bad name.
Typical conversation with a supporter of Everton:

Evertonian: a'ight LA!!
Liverpudlian: When did you last win the league?
Evertonian: Stevie G is shite, la!
Liverpudlian: o...k..

Evertonian goes on to be a crack addict.
by Anonymous Scouser April 26, 2007
Everton the team from liverpool who never win anything.
Everton scum they think tjey are the best.

Bloke 1 - U know that team from liverpool
Bloke 2 - Yer liverpool
Bloke 1 - No the crap one
Bloke 2 - o yeh everton..........
by jakew July 25, 2006
A football team in Liverpool, which happens to have the most biased and dislussions fans ever walk on this planet
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
A mersyside football team that isn't Tranmere Rovers. The blue scum, as opposed to the red scum.
See the blue scum lost again...
by Black Flag February 10, 2004

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