Sweatbox. Small room were people work in bad conditions for small amount of money.
"Sweatbox is a small club" -BIG L

-Did you hear about Chin, the Chinese guy?

-Nah, what about him?

-Word is that his pops manages a small club.
by That one fool... March 28, 2007
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For the tiny dick people in this world
we treat them like gods
so they can forget the pain of their girls laughing at how small it was
for the three nanometer defeaters
Created by oompaville
Me: im gonna join the small weiner club cus why not
Tod: same man, my three milimeter defeater could use some appreciation
Me: why is yours so big man? i got a three nanometer defeater...
by honorary Mexican April 13, 2022
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Sorry Bro, you can't see this because of yourChonky pp
Some dude with a small penis: sorry dude you can't enter the small penis club
You: oof
by StokkeDaddy June 10, 2020
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Men who think guns are penile extenders. This club is especially for men who strap on their rifle's and assault weapons before going out in public. Members like to strut around with their guns, especially in front of women, falsely believing this makes them appear strong and attractive. Instead of appearing strong and attractive, however, members of this group appear to be overcompensating for their especially small penises.
Examples of small penis gun club members: The guys who hold gun rallies in mall parking lots, because four mom's demand action members are meeting inside. Other examples, Ted Nugent, Rick Perry, Rush Limbaugh
by not impressive December 16, 2013
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