Where all the women go on insane long shopping sprees followed by a night of excess alcohol, because their husbands are gone for opening day of gun season.
Sarah: Betty, its the opening day of shopping this weekend!

Betty: Ill grab his credit cards!
by brandon2k9 November 5, 2009
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The day where all her mates leave her on open seems that they do it so fucking offended I've made a day for them piss heads :)
Hey , have u talked to Caitlin today

No why ?
Oh did you hear about the new leave Caitlin on open day?
No I didn't I thought we did that everyday ?
We do lol
by Yesimalonercaitlin November 2, 2021
On the 15th of may its open your mind day, so you gotta open up your mind to anyone n tell them your feelings n anything your struggling with.
Open your mind day
by Yunnngboiii May 5, 2019
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A National Holiday where you slap people's necks on April 21.
Josh got his neck slapped on National Open Neck Day.
by liquid19 April 21, 2022
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