The Opening Day Marathon is an annual drinking game played on Opening Day of Major League Baseball. The objective for each participant is to consume one 12 oz. beer per half inning (3 outs) until the end of the game, totaling 18 beers to run a full marathon. Consumers may also choose to run a half marathon, one 12 oz. beer per full inning (6 outs) until the end of the game, totaling 9 beers. Participants must decide before the first pitch whether they will be running a full or half marathon, and which opening game they will be watching. Just hope that the game doesn’t go into extra innings, as the marathon will continue through the end of the game. Failure to comply with the rules at any point of the game will result in disqualification. The full marathon is only recommended for advanced drinkers.
Friend: “we’re running the Opening Day Marathon tonight at my place to celebrate the start of the new season, you down?”
You: “fuck yeah I’m down. I’ll bring beer.”
by Eyyaiyatt April 11, 2019
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Where all the women go on insane long shopping sprees followed by a night of excess alcohol, because their husbands are gone for opening day of gun season.
Sarah: Betty, its the opening day of shopping this weekend!

Betty: Ill grab his credit cards!
by brandon2k9 November 05, 2009
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On the 15th of may its open your mind day, so you gotta open up your mind to anyone n tell them your feelings n anything your struggling with.
Open your mind day
by Yunnngboiii May 05, 2019
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