Eva is a girl with beautiful long Dark brown hair with also very Sexy dark brown eyes She is very sporty and has an Amazing Body She can be very funny, Sarcastic and loud speaking her mind but on the inside is very insecure and is very shy. she has a beautiful face and when people see her they fall head over heels for her people want to be friends with her but she gets very shy If you have an Eva around you keep her she is Loyal And always stands up for you even when your not around also (She is a very tall Asian so don’t call Asians short because I will bring her to you) But Eva will never stab your back and is very understanding she will never judge your looks and if u have a problem with her she’ll just tell you “If you have a problem with me then solve the problem or else your just stuck with it” and Eva will always do anything for someone she loves or is close to. Like once in 4th grade I saw her twist a guys arm and tackle him because of something and in my 5th grade I saw throw someone across the room because they wouldn’t leave her alone and trust me he deserved it and plus he told me that he thought it was pretty fun although he said it did her so if you have an Eva please don’t loose her (She is a great dancer) and if your dating do not play with her heart because her friends will hurt you too and if your loyal to her then that’s great because she is amazing and trust me just don’t loose her
Bsf: Eva is the best for what she did for me
by Kujinme August 5, 2019
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The most funniest person you would ever meet and loves shopping. Really Sporty Loves <3 the outdoors. She is the Most beautiful girl ever. She has a great body and is so smart.The bestest friend you could ever have.If you date an Eva you are one of the luckiest guys on the planet.
"Hay who's that hot chick over there"

"That's an Eva she is so beautiful and she's my best friend"

"Lucky Girl"
by hannahlily13 January 8, 2012
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Eva (pronounced as Eva) is kind, beautiful, talented, gifted, loyal, trustworthy, strong (physically and mentally), witty, friendly, nice, thankful, selfless, gorgeous. She puts trust and loyalty at the top of her list. She is the girl you can trust with anything! Eva will do anything for her friends. She would lie, get in trouble, yell at someone, kick their butt just to stand up for a friend, even if they aren’t her best friends. If you need a sidekick or someone to do the job for you, ask Eva, she’ll be glad to help. If you want to have fun or if you want to get a laugh out, or a cry out, go to Eva, She's there for you. If you are sad or feeling down, go to Eva and she will be there to listen to whatever you want to get out. She is very caring for her friends! She always has her unique smile on her face. And omg her laugh, sometimes she gets the hiccups after laughing so much, HAHA. She doesn’t get in arguments often because she doesn’t like the tenseness. Also, she hates drama more than anyone else! If there’s drama, she's like “I’m out!”. She’ll help a friend out of any situation. She doesn’t get jealous easily. She doesn’t feel uncomfortable to compliment someone, that could mean calling a boy cute. Neither does she get jealous easily. If you know an Eva (pronounced as Ava), get to know her. She is loyal, trustworthy, kind, confident, beautiful, friendly, funny, loving, caring, open, smart, selfless, etc.
Example #1:
No body:
Absolutely Nobody:

Eva: What did you just say to me? Wanna go bish!

Example #2;
*sees friend crying in the hallway*
Eva: What's wrong?
Friend: She's mean!
Eva: Oh my.... *stomps down the hallway to the mean girl*
by Abbey Sims November 11, 2019
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Is a super sweet and beautiful woman. She is very classy and is one of the most sincere people you can meet. She often works with kids. She ushally has 3 kids of her own the first born a daughter middle-boy youngest-girl. She has a beautiful shade of brown hair and the prettiest brown eyes you could ever see. Everybody that meets her adores her because you cant help but smile when you see the gorgeous face of hers:)
Wow that girl is mighty fine.. She must be an Eva!
by yodawgggg December 29, 2010
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, she's kind and not at all shallow. She is super smart and very sexy. She can be quite the flirt but at the end of the day she only thinks about one guy. She's loyal and trustworthy, and has all the guys falling head over heels for her. Perhaps the perfect girl.
"Bro, look there's Eva!"
"Dude she is fucking HOT"
by llamalover246 November 17, 2011
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A sexy, beautiful, cute and all-in-one girl. .It's a great name to have, right Eva Kong?
Damn that's Eva Kong, look so good.
by keizsy October 7, 2018
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Eva, well what can we say? Eva is a girl who would never let her dog go. She is a very sexual girl and loves to make you wonder, "What the actual fuck?". Though she is a hard head at times, she is alway there for you. During the toughest times, she will shine a path and never let you see darkness, well if you want to sleep. She keeps her status at a normal level. She doesn't care what others say or even what they do. She will beat you up if you touch her items or even mess with her friends.
Boy 1- "Yo! Look at Eva's dumbass!"
Eva - "You want to lose your life now?"
Boy 2- "Man, don't play with her!"
by TheWise1sHere May 1, 2018
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