Latin - bucatat yukfa

1. n. - A harry ape-like person

2. v. konging, konged - Performing or having performed a one night stand.

3. n. - Another name for a penis (usually very large)

4. n. - An extremely rare, almost non-existent fruit. Harry, bumpy skin, and also very bitter, and smelly. Usually found growing on tropical islands. A good source of natural steroids.
1.> person - "That dude is the king of kongs!"

2.> (A) lady - "That asshole is konging every woman he can."
(B) lady - "Damn girl! You got konged!"

3.> lady - "He had a kong! It was amazing!"

4.> The stranded and starving man hesitantly proceeded to eat the kong.
by Jack Tofft March 25, 2009
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When you get a hole-in-one in golf and/or minigolf on any shot that isn't the first stroke you take. That is to say, you get a hole-in-one from the starting position but just happen to do it after you have already taken a stroke.
"Yo Nendge, did you just get a holza on that putt, mate?"

"Garl, I wish brother. It was merely a kong."
by Pandabebz December 20, 2022
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A movement in the art of Parkour designed to clear an obstacle using the hands. Execution involves running towards an obstacle of about waist height, jumping about 1-2 feet before the obstacle and placing the hands on the desired object. You should then tuck your knees in towards your chest and your momentum force your body forwards. When clear of the object, release your tuck and prepare for landing by slightly bending your legs and extending your hands to absorb the impact. If performed from a height, a roll should be implemented to reduce shock further.
"I just did a speed vault over that wall there."
"Really? I would have used a kong."
by Josh Knill September 16, 2006
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He be too kong
by achoochoo June 15, 2010
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Street slang for a friend or companion. Can be used to refer to mostly any male in the common populace.
"Yo, waddup kong?"

bro, brudda, brah, brutha, boss, bowss, mate.
by Silverbacks December 11, 2009
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A small asian man boy who gets a mani/pedi while wearing girl pants and getting his eyebrows waxed.
"that man is disgustingly metro, you might even say he's a kong"
by Johny Hopkins January 11, 2010
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A gay / homo who likes to have sexual interaction with dolls.

A 'Kong' also likes to sing girly songs and wear mini skirts, usually very ugly.
"Omg, are you doing KONG?!"


"Stop being such a Kong.."

"Stop singing.. goddamn Kong."
by CruciaI March 31, 2008
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