A joyful, kind girl who goes through a lot of { pain } that she doesn't deserve. She cries herself to sleep
Eva, didn't deserve that
by user192837465 July 8, 2019
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She’s a female that gives no fucks. Lulbaby on the streets nd a freak in tha sheets. Most men can’t handle Her & most females are jealous of her. She’s loyal, and dedicated. Don’t back stab an Eva or you might actually get stabbed. Don’t ever lose an Eva. Especially if you are dating her. She will make your life!!!
Nobody: ugly bitch
Eva: who tf are you talking to? rude ass. Who raised you? I hope you choke on peanut butter
Someone: Hey, that’s just eva for you!
by justa fan:/ September 2, 2019
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Eva is a girl that has an amazing body and is very pretty she doesn’t see that thou,Eva can be quite depressed and low but will always hide it. Eva likes to make people happy she’s very smart and intelligent. If you have an Eva as a friend..she’s a keeper!
girl:’what’s wrong
eva:’oh nothing,I’m “okay”’
by Sarah:( October 16, 2018
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Eva is someone who won’t talk unless you get to know her. Once you know her she talks ALOT. She enjoys sending memes and watching Netflix. She likes to run and is in good shape. Eva is also smart but under estimates herself. She is trustworthy, bossy at times, funny, kind, and quirky. Eva has a dark sense of humor so she dosent joke much around poeple who get offended easily. Eva will make a great best friend\friend she’ll always have your back if your close or not. Eva dosent date but if she does she’ll be the best but if it dosent work out she’ll always try to be friends still. Eva usually isn’t in drama but when she is she takes it as a joke leaving others mad. Eva is a person you’d like to meet and get to know!
No one ever gets my jokes. Only Eva does.
Eva is funny

Eva binge watched Netflix for hours the other day
by realtableratzzzbratss March 11, 2019
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The nicest,kindest,most sensitive individual you will ever meet.Eva is talented and likes all kinds of art.She an angel and deserves the world.An Eva is intelegent,interesting,and beautiful.With her dark brown hair and blue eyes you can stare at this girl for centuries.
Wow!She is so pretty.Is her name Eva?
Wow!Eva sounded beautiful when she was singing.
by Daisy05 June 8, 2018
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Eva is usually seen as a weird and confident person, they are open with close friends but sometimes develop trust issues with mutual friends. They are a beautiful specimen but not exactly photogenic, they stick up for what they believe in and will always be a good friend friend if you need support. Not all Eva's are complete angels though, for they can be sassy and bossy. Eva's are good at singing and they love to be the centre of attention. You should find yourself an Eva you might need one someday.
"wow that Eva can really slayyy"
by Yes_IamAmazing August 5, 2018
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Eva’s are commonly kind and trendy. they are usually ambiverts and are shyer in public but really come to life around friends. you would want to be friends with an Eva. once’s you get to know an Eva her fashion sense may rub off on you too !
oh that girl is sooo awesome

yeah she’s an Eva i bet you
by imbored17 December 24, 2018
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