Eva is a girl, she usually has brown eyes and plays tennis. She has a skinny bod but eats more than a football player. She appears at super smart but when u get to know her you realize she doesn’t do her homework often. She is so nice unless u act shady and then she’ll be like “damn they’re shady” and that’s about it. She’ll always greet you in the hallways with “ew” and you respond back and it’s a whole thing. At least once a week she’ll dress really good and then look snazzy in sweatshirts for most of the rest of the time.
Eva plays tennis! Yeah ik her names Eva
by I writethings May 30, 2019
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Eva, well what can we say? Eva is a girl who would never let her dog go. She is a very sexual girl and loves to make you wonder, "What the actual fuck?". Though she is a hard head at times, she is alway there for you. During the toughest times, she will shine a path and never let you see darkness, well if you want to sleep. She keeps her status at a normal level. She doesn't care what others say or even what they do. She will beat you up if you touch her items or even mess with her friends.
Boy 1- "Yo! Look at Eva's dumbass!"
Eva - "You want to lose your life now?"
Boy 2- "Man, don't play with her!"
by TheWise1sHere April 30, 2018
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An Eva is an all round amazing person. She is literally the funniest goofyest person in the world and has the funniest hair ever. She is also super sporty and could easily get a world record in sprint running as she is so fast, but she wouldn't make it past the finish line as her ultimate speed would flip her over and tear the ground. But she is very modest about it despite her mad competitiveness. She is also amazingly beautiful and guys watch over her all day, waiting to get texting as soon as she's out of school/work for the day!!!
Excuse me, excuse me, make space! The next Jessica Ennis is coming through! Oh wait I mean Eva ennis
by Peekaboo65 January 26, 2019
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Eva is one of the most beautiful women you will ever see. She has this essence about here that you just can't ignore. She is kind, gentile, loving, and never puts herself first. When you see her you just want to be near her. She has beautiful dark hair and majestic blue eyes. Eva's are the kindest and most caring women, her sense of humar is astounding and although she is little hear heart is huge. If you need a good friend, find an Eva.
Eva is so pretty.
by zoeeoz February 06, 2010
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When you act all smart, and nerdy, and u rlly like being that girl, and then u go iut and decide to do "The Eva" and you become a bad girl, but then go back to ur normal life later..
Julia- I dont like people calling me a goody goody, Im going to go pull an Eva.
Jessica- ok, you'll live the bad life tho, its addicting.
by Usernamepostedthis January 04, 2018
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Eva is different to anyone else you meet. She’s super smart and very flirtatious, but at the end of the day she only ever thinks about one guy. She’s loyal and if you’re ever lucky enough to come across an Eva, don’t let her get away, she’s special. Able fall at her feet and get lost in her beautiful blue eyes and long, silky hair.
“is that Eva?”

yeah, isn’t she beautiful?”
by happyclapper456 December 27, 2018
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Your Eva needs love everyday and make sure to buy your Eva a Matilde. They like that.
Eva: "Give me Matilde...."
You: Calm down, Eva.
by Elicakes March 26, 2018
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