n. (Rules governing) Socially acceptable behavior.

Something today's society seems to be lacking in, due to the creation of social classing.
Etiquette would be helping an elderly lady across the road, not twatting her one in the middle of the road and stealing her purse.
by Dave(thepunkyone) January 9, 2006
Socially accepted unwritten rules
Two people who are seeing each other live in two different cities, roughly one hour away from each other. Person A lives in city A and Person B lives in city B. Person A wants to break up with person B. Person A is required to drive to City B where she then proceeds to break up with Person B. Person B should not be required to drive to city A. Assuming Person A drives to City B, Person A is exercising good etiquette.
by hello8016 July 29, 2013
How a woman presents herself fashionably and cosmetically.
Damn! She has a lot of etiquette!
by jeffytheman October 5, 2021
Snob who eats a burger with a knife and fork.

Noun - etiquette of a tosser
Alex eats his burger with the etiquette of a tosser
by Bbh87 February 24, 2018
an unwritten set of cultural rules.


1. tipping in the United States

2. placing the fork to the left of the plate and the knife/fork on the right

3. a man should call a woman is he has asked for her number

4. dont be late on a date

5. during a job interview, dont sit down until asked by the interviewer

6. not putting you elbows on the dinner table

7. dont ever break off a relationship via e-mail; do it by phone or in person
Etiquette is actually pretty silly
by krock1dk@yahoo.com November 30, 2007
While one is sitting on a sink, Doing the Neil, the person masturbates with his pinky out using proper etiquette.
I just walked in the bathroom and couldn't believe what I saw, Neil doing The Etiqutte.

Yo man! I just saw that lazy SOB doing The Etiquette in the bathroom.
by Tucker MaCracken October 26, 2006