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A small town in Southern California, half ghetto half not, containing bro hoes and bros alike, and where fun consists of hanging out at the local Star Mart and stealing alcohol. Parking lots are always a great place to be. The people are assholes and a majority end up staying in this town, also known as "Esco", that they love to hate for the rest of their lives.
Escon-ghetto. Nothing to do. Assholes. Rich assholes who hate the poor assholes.
by Zoo February 20, 2005
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Escondido is a city in north San Diego. Population at approximately 300,000. Known as " Esco ", " Hidden Valley ", " Escondildo ", Escotown ", Sex Con Dildos " and whatever else dumb ass niggas wanna come up with.

Most of the people are mexican and white but there are some blacks, asians, and middle eastern residents.

There are lots of gangs, tagger crews, and bitch crews in Escondido. The main gangs are "West Side", also known as "Weak Shit", and "Diablos", AKA "Rats" or "Ratas".

These groups are no threat to your life or anyone elses. They just kinda annoy everyone and give the 5 five foot three mexican teens and young adults something to do, eventhough there are all bitch ass niggas.

Contrary to polular belief there are lots of things to do in "Esco", but unfortunately lame ass people always wanna blaze up or drink just to have and excuse to fuck an ugly bitch. Females in Esco, like in other cities, drink and smoke to have an excuse to suck a dick or three and get away with it.

Law enforcement in Escondido is a joke but don't fux with the cops. They like to role deep.

There are a lot of surburban areas located on the outskirts of the city and on random streets of the city.

Never be afraid of any streets in " Esco " because nowone is down enough to do shit to you.

Lastly Esco is what I like to call "The Land of Wasted Talent".

Besides and including all that stuff, Escondido is the shit. Don't hate!
Escondido, AKA , The " Hidden City ".
by jbsurbandictionary August 15, 2008
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one of the best city's in north county san diego pop 140k. borders san marcos to the west, valley center to the east, san diego to the south, rancho santa fe to the sw and hidden meadows on the north. Major freeways 15 and 78. 50%white 40%mexican and 10%other lots of rich people and a handfull (or two) of poor people as well, some chill people . Three H.S.
Home to: shit load of dealerships bmw mb audi etc. baddass stone brewery, north county westfield mall, active rideshop, wild animal park, icoplex, sickass cruisin grand, power plant, regal cinema, escondido cycle center, and lots of paisa stores. legendery skate spots. eric claptons road to escondido. big brother of sissy san marcos (no one even knows you exist)diablos and westiders are bunch of pussy ass bitches. lots of temecula people taking escondidians jobs (stay in your own county)
dude lets hit up escondido for some stone brewskis.
by NC San Diegan August 22, 2008
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The ghetto neighbor to the average San Marcos and the red-neck Ramona and Valley Center. Home to 3 shitty public High schools and a ton of Mexican-filled elementaries. There are a couple good people, some old people, and a lot of weird-ass "gangstas" who really aren't that much of a trouble. If you don't have much money, Escondido is probably the place you'll end up, unless you want to live out in the middle of nowhere (Ramona and Valley Center). San Marcos is too expensive for the poorer middle class. There aren't many Upper class people, nor many poor people. The occasional beggar/scammer doesn't get anything 'cuz people are too uptight/smart to give money to 'em.
Person 1: Hey I live in Escondido
Person 2: Oh... I'm sorry.

Or occasionally when you meet someone wealthy:

Person 1: Hey I live in Escondido.
Person 2: Where the fuck is that?
Person 1: -_-
by DuchessBlarg September 26, 2011
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Escondido is full of illegals that don't give a sh*t. They might as well be gangs.
I moved from Pa to Escondido to downtown San Diego.They walk around tagging EVERYTHING. None of which in English. They don't speak English in public, restaurants, gas stations, etc. They will hit your vehicle and run! I personally was physically assaulted in front of my school while being asked for a cigarette which I did not have nor hardly understood. At the "E Point" apartments we lived I had a security guard/gangster follow me from my car at 5 am (grabbing my phone) to my door (which I locked). Then, days later follow me to school when I told him I was 15(a lie, but it helps to get guys away) he continued to follow me. At the same apartments my bf's brother had his car stolen. They also had problems with meth and buildings blowing up in the same area of Escondido.
by Christ on Meth April 05, 2009
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a pathetic city in the northern section of the county of san diego. filled with lovely meth-induced flames and smoke from all the cook houses. Added to the charisma are cholos, from one of three gangs...santos, westside, and diablos. All of which are sorry ass pisas who end up working for the City. You have a large portion of rich white suburban kids who wear the stuff you they see on either MTV or BET. And there's the occasional filipino or black person. But no one really cares about them. EsconDILDO, as it's residents better know it as, is also referred to as the 'Black Hole' of San Diego, as it's residents seem to never leave, or always return. Little known fact; Sister city of El Cajon, due to both cities being heavily populated by tweekers on bicycles.
I live in Escondido, and I have a bicycle. Now what happened to my pizzle?
by jenacyde April 28, 2009
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Escondido where bitch ass pussy niggas live in gangs like " SBK " which stands for Suck Black Kock " or " CMT " which are a bunch of bitch niggas Escondido has a bunch of hoes ass people and hoe middle schools like Mission Middle School which is ghetto as fuck if your tryna ger your dick sucked come thru to Escondido today! If your tryna get shot or shanked come today ! Diabloz and the other gangs are bunch of faggets #VistaKreeewww
by VistaSkaterKrewww January 08, 2017
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