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A common acronym used in the social dance scene to describe the event will have the three main dance styles Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. Can also describe just two of the dance styles SB, SK, BS, BK. Or a single style S, B, K.
Are you going to the SBK Festival in Spain?
No, I not a fan of Salsa I going to the BK Congress in London instead.
by du5rte June 11, 2018
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SBK is shortened for "ScumBagKing". A word to describe a kid named "Bryan Cho"
bryan cho is the sbk around here.
by BENJEEZY December 30, 2007
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A Gang combination of raccoons,squirrel, and rabbits who beat the shit out of huge snowballs.
When it snowed sbk came out and fucked all the snow people up.
by Sbk member214 April 27, 2011
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An acronym for Sweet Boy Kisses. Used between two gay males, and sometimes (though more rare) between Yaoi fangirls . May or may not precede or follow a glomp.
{In a chat}
Blaine: I love you, Kurt!
Kurt: Love you too, Blaine! But I gotta go :c
Blaine: Kk. SBK!
Kurt: SBK back to you!
{kurt is offline}
by ElodieFluoride June 06, 2011
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S.B.K. is short for Shit brown kryptonite, most commonly associated with ones significant other.
unfortunatly that other is not too considerate of the individuals feelings and often ends up destroying them from the inside.
Also shit brown is the combonation of both the colors red and green, like the two types of kryptonite, meaning that this significant other would empower you beyond your regular human capabilities, almost like an adreneline rush, but he/she also has the ability to control you, and destroy you, and usually does.
You do all that you can to have your S.B.K, but your S.B.K doesnt want you like you want them.
It is your ultimate demise disguise as the one you love.
guy 1: dude i just came from my S.B.K. home.
guy 2: are you alright man
guy 1: *collapses on ground and suffers breakdown after breaking down a concrete wall with his own brute force*
guy 2: dammit thats the ninth time this month, get over her.
guy 1: immposible.
by jabs excel April 29, 2009
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A violent and notoriouse gang based in melbourne. Dont fuck with them coz they will get ya if ya do. PEACEEEE
by KEEPER011 October 23, 2008
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