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A small town of about 6,000, north of escodido south of oceanside and fallbrook, town contains palomar mountain, pala, rincon and pauma valley. town has mom and pop shops, couple gas stations loaded with indians (natives), mexicans and white people mainly mexicans and indians, newer high school. many indian reservations .most kids smoke weed behind the school during school. most people are poor, some new developements, loaded with orange and avocado groves lots of horses. place in San Diego that grows the most weed, high teenage pregnancy % no entertainment, a dairy farm, marijuana feilds, desesert, wildfires, gangs, fights, good at football. If you live here you will probably have problems with drugs, sex, and life later on. fun town no parties get rolled by cops
and lots of teen drunk driving crashes. teaches and security guards that deal drugs to students.
lets go to vc and get some og kush
lets go to the palomar marijuana fields
i know a great place to get E
you wanna get high in the orange groves
let go to Esco and fight some mexicans
lets smoke a bob marley in front of Mrs. ******** room
she**y is pregnant
lets go to hellhole canyon
lets go to the football game this friday
lets go to o'side to go to the beach
lets go to valley center to fight some hicks
by craigslist84 January 29, 2010
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A very expensive place where fires and horses run wild. Small, po-dunk town that coined the phrase 'Country Living'.
I drove 40 miles north of San Diego and wound up in Valley Center.
by No names were available July 05, 2005
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North of Escondido and South of Temecula. There's two main identifiers when talking about the location of your house: either MacTan, or Near The High School. Speaking of the high school, if you live near it then there's nothing interesting to do within 10 miles of your house (not like there's anything interesting here anyways even in the main part). If you want to go anywhere you have to go down "The Grade," which is the nickname for Valley Center Road (not to be confused with Cole Grade Road).Chances are if you're a kid and you moved here with you're family from a city like Escondido , you'll already want to move back. People like to call it a rural town while it's really the suburbs, without an H.O.A. so lot's of people have small farms. THe only interesting thing for kids to do here is wreak havoc on all the old people. If you live here its mandatory to join the Valley Center Friends facebook page and make posts about lost dogs, and complain about everything (especially the 700-something new houses being built). You also have to be very hypocritical to be a true resident here. If you live here you've definitely been in a car accident with a pick up truck either on The Grade or at the Cool Valley/Cole Grade intersection. Lots of people here drive pickup trucks and most of them have a really small penis.
Resident 1 talking to resident 2 who just moved here: "oh so you're new to Valley Center! What part do you live in?"
Resident 2: "Near the high school!"

Friend 1 (who lives in Valley Center, talking to friend 2 who lives in Esco): "Yo I'm coming down to you're place, Valley Center has nothing to do."'
Friend 2: "Aight just don't get in an accident coming down the grade."

Hypocrite: "Oh my god I hate driving down the grade to get groceries. But that new Vons they're building here is absolutely evil, im going to protest it on facebook.
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by VCh8 November 27, 2019
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