Something that isn't in your sight but you (or someone) know that is there. Like when someone (your girl) take away the remote of the TV.
Where is hidden the damn remote!?
by yo-the-navigator November 23, 2009
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Feeling attraction towards helmets of all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. The person with this kind of attraction can feel this throw someone else wearing a helmet, and the person behind it can also impact in that perspective. This act can be both sexual or nonsexual.
"I can love you even if you've been hidden from me."
by May Solo May 27, 2020
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What you write when you're trying to type "hidden" and you're a complete fucking moron who doesn't know how to English.
My ability to grammar goodly hiddened as I wrote this sentence.
by DaMountain October 16, 2017
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(n.) A seemingly complimentary statement, usually said by one female to another, that is covertly derogatory or insulting in nature or intent — perceivable only to the individual to whom the statement was directed and nobody else.
1) Example of an archetypal "hidden brick" between two females:

Alexandra: What do you think of my engagement ring?
Becky: It's cute.
Alexandra: What do you mean it's "cute"?! This ring is BEAUTIFUL, you bitch!

2) Male counterexample:

Andrew: What do you think of my new crossbow?
Ben: It's cute.
Andrew: Screw you! This crossbow is friggin' BADASS, you dipshit!
by Whaaa??? July 25, 2011
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A video game, movie or book that is considered to be good but is relatively unknown.
Man, Doom Troopers is such an awesome hidden gem. It's a shame that not a lot of people know about it.
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A covert technique used by men during sex when you reach behind and pulls your ball sac back and away from your body; this action enables your penis to extend forward hence revealing your hidden penile inch. Most effective on women you fuck for the first time and during doggy style when your partner is unaware of your activity.
I fucked my girl good last night, I gave her the hidden inch!

That bitch thinks I have a big dick but I fooled her with my hidden inch!
by steelerstevo April 21, 2015
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